Absolute Zero Website Configurator

Absolute Zero Website Configurator

Please fill out this form so we can understand your needs and create a quote for your website. The already checked features are included by default in all plans. They are intentionally set to be uneditable.


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Please slide the circle to the left or right to choose the approximate number of static pages for your website based on your planned structure.
Number of Languages
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Please enter the number of email accounts you will be using. Please note that we will create and configure the email accounts, but you will choose an email client and subscribe for storage with them.
Creation of a lifestyle blog around your brand - feature products or services directly within posts.
Will you showcase products on your website?
Please select "yes" if you wish to publish products (in categories, subcategories, images, and custom information on every product)
Product features
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Responsive and Adaptive Design
This feature is included in all of our tiers.
Complete Customization and Custom UI/UX with CSS and JavaScript
A designer will be provided for creating a custom UI/UX for your website.
Advanced Copywriting and Wireframing
We provide this service by default for all our clients.
The basic brand identity would include a logo design, typeface, and a basic color palette.
3D objects in browser (no app installation needed)
This feature does not include the creation of your 3D models. Please select these options only if you have 3D models of your product in FBX or another compatible 3D file format.
Vector Graphics
Our team will create custom illustrations, in form of icons and integrate them into CSS for the best viewing experience in the browser.
JavaScript Animations
Our developers can create simple or complex interactions and animations with the power of CSS and JavaScript to make your site stand out.


SSL Certificate
Your visitors will see a secure lock icon when browsing your site and your ranking in Google will be improved.
Uptime Performance
SEO Management
Automatic Server-side Backups
GDPR consent
Chat With Your Visitors
Front-End Editing
We provide this feature for all of our customers.
Content Delivery Network


Promotional Pop-ups and Banners.
Custom Forms
Create forms to collect data from visitors, and connect them with marketing automation platforms as needed.
Facebook Pixel Implementation.
Google Analytics Set Up
Add your Google Analytics ID to pass visitor behavior data go Google.


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